Testing Out

RHS Testing Out Policy

Roscommon High School shall grant high school credits in any course to a pupil enrolled in high school, but who is not enrolled in the course, who has exhibited a reasonable level of mastery on the subject matter of the course by attaining a grade of not less than A- (90%) on the end of course exam, which may consist of a test, portfolio, performance, paper, project, or presentation. Credit earned under this section shall be based on a "CR/NC" grade and shall not be included in a computation of grade point average for any purpose. Credit earned under this section may be counted toward the total credits required for graduation. Credit may be counted toward fulfillment of a requirement for a subject area course (e.g. English 9A, World History A, etc.) and shall be counted toward fulfillment or a requirement as to course sequence (e.g. A student may count English 9A as a prerequisite to English 9B). Once credit is earned under this section, a pupil may not receive credit thereafter for a course lower in course sequence concerning the same subject area. 

Teachers are not to provide any instruction to prepare students for these tests. Each department will provide a syllabus so that students know what the test will cover and what additional items (demonstrations, research papers, portfolios, etc.) will be required as part of the comprehensive evaluation. A textbook will be made available to be checked out from the library. Students must return the book prior to taking the testing out exam.

Testing out exams will be given twice a year, before the start of the school year, and prior to the 2nd semester.


What is Testing Out?

Testing out involves passing high school course exams with a minimum grade of C+(77%).  Papers or projects may also be required to “test out” of courses.

What happens when a student “tests out” of a class? 

Students will receive credit (CR) for the course, however, they will receive a TO on their transcript.

Is there a limit to the number of “test out” exams students may take?

No. Students may take as many exams as can be completed during testing period.

Will testing out allow students to graduate early?

No. Credits earned by testing out may satisfy specific graduation requirements, but will not reduce the required eight semester attendance policy.

Can students test out of any class?

Students may test out of Michigan Merit Curriculum classes. The testing out policy does not apply to Advanced Placement courses which have specific exams that often yield college credit, Honors courses, or fine arts classes that are performance based.

What additional choices will students have if they test out of classes?

College dual enrollment options will be offered to students who have tested out of a significant number of classes.

Can students get materials to prepare for testing out?

Schools are NOT REQUIRED to provide textbooks, study guides, or tutoring to prepare students for testing out.

Day of Exam

Student should report to the main office to pick up the exam(s). If a student is taking more than one exam, he/she may wish to bring a sack lunch.   Students taking math exams should bring a calculator.


In compliance with Michigan P.A.335, Section 1279(B),the Roscommon Area Public School District will provide high school students with yearly opportunities to “test out” of courses at RHS.



Jacki Dunsmore


More Information

Test Exam Dates

The Testing Out Exams are held at RHS and occur in the spring for current students.


Forms may be picked up in the RHS Counseling Office and must be returned by the date on the form.