RHS Schedule Planning

The Scheduling Process

  1. Pre-registration: Students will meet with their classes for discussion of required courses, electives, graduation requirements, college prep curriculum, vocational courses and the scheduling process. These meetings will be repeated for incoming freshmen and their parents. Pre-registration sheets must be signed by parents for the 8th grade only and returned to the Counseling office by the date to be announced. Parents are encouraged to contact the Counseling Office regarding any questions concerning this process or specific course selections.
  2. Each student is required to enroll in 6 credited classes each semester.
  3. Students in grades 10-12 will be allowed to schedule their own classes online through Skyward during each grade level's Open Scheduling period.  Your student will be informed of the dates of the Open Scheduling period.
  4. Students who have mistakes in their schedules due to the unsuccessful completion of required courses, schedule conflicts, etc. will be able to make necessary schedule changes prior to the start of each semester by making an appointment with the counselor.
  5. Students must have authorizations from the counselor to drop a class. If the counselor feels the reason for dropping a class is valid and warrants such action, students may be dropped from a class. Students must live with their commitments. Unless extenuating circumstances occur, classes may not be dropped or changed.


Graduation Requirements and Progress View in SKYWARD


View the Graduation Requirements tab in Skyward to be sure your selection of classes  will enable you to graduate on schedule.  On this page, you will see the total credits required for graduation, total credits required per content area, and your required electives as well as completed requirements, remaining requirements, requirements in progress and your overall status. Use this as a guide when planning your schedule so you are sure to graduate on time with your peers.

Michigan Graduation Requirements

PDF DocumentGraduation Requirements

Earning Full High School Credit

Due to the fluctuation of students transferring into and out of Roscommon High School, this is a notice. RHS adheres to a semester schedule with high school credits being earned a semester at a time. Each course is granted 1/2 credit per semester completed. Leaving RHS before completing the semester, usually results in the loss of credit in every course, and may result in the student failing to graduate on schedule with their class.