RHS Activities


The Roscommon High School Co-Curricular Program is an extension of and complimentary to the total educational program. The program can enhance the growth and development of the student. The program strives for each student to have a positive experience while developing competitive teams.
Roscommon provides opportunities for physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. Some (but not necessarily all) of the educational outcomes that can be achieved by participating in a co-curricular activity at Roscommon High School are as follows:

Physical outcomes ideally result in


  • physical fitness and healthy competition
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • individual skills
  • an opportunity to perform
  • Emotional outcomes ideally result in
  • character development
  • how to deal with winning and losing
  • good sportsmanship
  • how to accept criticism
  • self-discipline
  • humility
  • the value of hard work
  • self improvement
  • direction and/or a connection to something positive

Social outcomes ideally result in


  • teamwork, accountability, and responsibility
  • working toward a common goal
  • how to be a vital part of a team and community
  • loyalty
  • commitment
  • pride in school, family, and community

Intellectual outcomes ideally result in


  • goal setting
  • leadership opportunities
  • time management skills
  • quick thinking skills

Roscommon High School provides many educational opportunities to the student outside the classroom. The opportunity to participate in athletic and other programs is a privilege, not a right (Berschback v. Grosse Pointe Public School District, 1986). Those students who unselfishly commit themselves to the program can learn valuable lifetime skills that help them deal successfully with the challenges of their future beyond high school.