Sports at Roscommon High School

Roscommon High School has a strong tradition of pride and excellence with all of our athletic programs. We are known for the great sportsmanship that our teams and fans exhibit throughout the contest.

The Roscommon High School Co-Curricular Program is an extension of and complementary to our total educational program.  The program can enhance the growth and development of the student-athlete as it strives for each student to have a positive experience while developing competitive teams.

Varsity Football

Steve Clements

Fall Sports

Varsity Asst. Football

Mark Jernigan

JV Football

Eric Tiepel

JV Asst. Football

Jay Gailitis

Varsity Volleyball

Angie Dalak

JV Volleyball

Erin Gielincki

Cross Country

Todd Hofer

Boys Varsity Soccer

John Sinnaeve

Winter Sports

Boys Varsity Basketball

M.J. Ewald

Boys JV Basketball

Scott Coulter

Girls Varsity Basketball

Scott Mires

Girls JV Basketball

Kelley Halverson


Matt Morely

Spring Sports

Varsity Track

Steve Clements

Boys Track

Todd Hofer

Girls Track

Steve Clements

Varsity Baseball

Derek Smitz

JV Baseball

Gary Coleman

Varsity Softball

Lee Wyckoff

JV Softball

Angie Dalak

Girls Varsity Soccer

John Sinnaeve

Varsity Golf