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Notice Re: School closure through remainder of school year

As you have probably already heard, Governor Whitmer has cancelled all face-to face instructions in K-12 schools for the remainder of the school year.  Once we hear from the Michigan Department of Education about the parameters of the compliance plan that we are required to submit, we will complete the plan, get it approved, and share it out with the RAPS family.  We are asking for patience as this is new territory for all of us.  


In the meantime, please know that RAPS teachers are reaching out to all students, posting work online, and generating supplemental work for your sons and daughters to complete during this time.  Currently, we are working on a schedule for all students to pick up any materials that they may have left behind. This includes lockers which have been cleaned out with all contents placed in a bag and labeled for each student.  We are trying to streamline the process where students and parents pick up -- curbside -- all belongings and at the same time pick up work and a device, if needed.  


We will continue to send breakfasts and lunch out on the buses.  Next week, our schedule will change slightly with deliveries occurring on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Two days of food will come on Monday and Wednesday and three days on Friday. Buses will continue to leave the school at 11:00 a.m.


We know that this is a difficult time for everyone.  We are working to assist you in continuing your child’s education during this prolonged period at home.  We'll get answers out to you as soon as we have them. While we are working on an education plan, we ask that you complete this survey.  We would like to know how things are going for you and how we might be of further assistance.  


We truly miss seeing your children every day and hope that you are all healthy and safe!  Together, we'll get through this!

Buck Pride!


Catherine Erickson
Roscommon Area Public Schools
P.O. Box 825
Roscommon, MI  48653
989-275-8227 (fax)
Food for local children during closure

During this period when schools are closed, RAPS will continue to provide breakfast and lunch to children via school buses. The buses will travel on their normal bus routes stopping to pass out the meals along the way.  Beginning April 6, 2020, our schedule will change slightly with deliveries occurring on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Two days of food will come on Monday and Wednesday and three days on Friday. Buses will continue to leave the school at 11:00 a.m.

The meals are for any children in the home 18 and under.  It does not matter whether they are in school or not or what school they attend.  The meals are also for any student attending the COOR Center-Based program, regardless of age.
Any adult or student may meet the bus to collect the meals for the household.  Please flag the bus to make it stop.  Understand that the drivers will only know the stops of the students who regularly ride.

Again, the meals are for any child.

The buses will leave the school at 11:00 a.m.  At this point, we have no ability to predict times the buses will arrive in specific locations or how many meals to put on the buses.

If we miss you on Monday, please call 275-6600 so that we can fix it for the following day.  

The operation will be less than perfect on Monday, so please be patient and communicate with us.  We want to ensure that children that need food are getting it while we are closed.
See the Transportation Department BUS ROUTES.


Catherine Erickson
Roscommon Area Public Schools
Food Resources Through Mid April 2020

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