school buses


Welcome to the Bus Garage

Our mission is to ensure safe transportation for all students in the school district.

Bus Routes

**Please check back often as the times are our best estimates and they are subject to change, based on ridership and conditions.

Bus Routes -Updated 8-24-2023


A Reminder for All Drivers

When approaching a school bus from either direction, if the alternating amber lights are flashing, the bus is about to stop. All vehicles must slow down. As soon as the bus stops, the alternating red lights come on and all vehicles must stop at least 50 feet from the bus. For the safety of our students, please observe all traffic regulations.


Transportation Supervisor/Operations Manager

Joe Meadows
Phone: (989) 275-5311

Utility Worker

Richard Moreno

Transportation Office

301 W. Sunset Dr.
Roscommon, MI 48653