Roscommon Area Public Schools

Board of Education


Scott Hess-elected in 2016 (2020)

Scott Hess was appointed to the Board in 2013. He was then elected in 2014 and again in 2016. Scott has resided in Roscommon since 1972 when he started the 8th grade in what is now the CRAF Center at a time when 7th and 8th grade students were taught alongside high school students. Prior to that he lived in Royal Oak and attended Shrine of the Little Flower grade school. After graduation from Roscommon High School, he attended Olivet College for one year then transferred and graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Hess concluded his education at Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1984 earning a Juris Doctor degree. After passing both the Michigan and Florida bar exams, he joined his father's law practice and has been a Roscommon attorney ever since with the firm Hess, Hess & Daniel, P.C.

Scott has two children, Ashley and Michael, both of whom attended the Roscommon school system from kindergarten through graduation from high school. Scott is married to Teresa Henry, whose daughter Andrea also graduated from Roscommon High School. Both Ashley and Andrea are Registered Nurses and Scott's son Michael has graduated from Barber College, is licensed in four states and is working in Nashville, TN. Ashley and her husband have two children who will attend RAPS Schools. Andrea and her husband Lance Cherven have six children all of whom attend or will attend RAPS schools.

It is Scott's goal as a member of the School Board to ensure that all children attending Roscommon schools receive the same quality education his children received, or one which is even better.


Sonia Lake-elected in 2016 (2020)

Sonia and her husband Greg are both Roscommon High school alumni, class of 1983. They have two sons, who are also Roscommon alumni.  Jarrid Lake is a 2012 graduate from Olivet College and is currently working for the State of North Carolina as a State Parole Office; in addition to being a Civil Engineer in the Air Guard 110th out of Battle Creek. Collin Lake graduated from Roscommon High in 2012, attends Northern Michigan University, plays soccer, and is majoring in Construction Management.

Sonia and Greg have lived and work in Roscommon for many years. Sonia works in the automotive industry for Cooper Standard Corporation as a Program Launch Manager. Greg has worked at Weyerhaeuser Corporation for over 30 years as an Energy Operator.

Sonia is a graduate of Spring Arbor University with a degree in Management and Organizational Development.

As a longstanding member of the community, Sonia’s approach to board membership firmly mirrors her belief in community service and engaging in collaborative efforts among all stakeholders. This can only be done by building a foundation of open communication, respect for each others’ roles, and trust that everyone shares the common goal of giving our kids the best education while attending Roscommon Area Public Schools.


Amy Coulter (2022)

Amy and her husband Scott Coulter, a 1983 Roscommon graduate, moved to the area in 2005 after deciding that they wanted to raise their children in Scott's hometown of Roscommon. They have 3 children, Brenden (2019), Virginia (2021) and Brogan (2024), who are third generation "Bucks". Amy and Scott are active community members, both serving as board members on the Roscommon Youth Football/Cheerleading League. All three children are very active in sports and other extracurricular activities.

Amy is a 1992 graduate of Swartz Creek High School. She received her B.A. in Communication and a minor in Technical Writing from the University of Michigan-Flint in 1997. Amy has worked for COOR ISD since 2009 as the Lead Parent Liaison for the Great Start Collaborative, an organization that strives to ensure that children receive the necessary tools they need to succeed in school and life, with a strong focus on parent voice.

Amy deeply cares about the success of our children, schools and the community. She also think it’s important to be a part of her children’s education and at the same time give back to her community in a small way. As a RAPS board Member, Amy hopes to help bring all stakeholders together to create a common vision and goals for our district. Her hope is that all graduates of this district leave with the skills to prepare them for their next steps in life.


Todd Jansen (2022)



Julie Nordquist (2020)

Julie Nordquist was born and raised in Toledo Ohio. She attended the University of Toledo and Central Michigan University with a focus in Music and Education. Julie moved to Roscommon the day she and Ed got married, and after almost 30 years, they now consider Roscommon their home.

Currently, Julie works in Roscommon County’s 34th Circuit Court while she and her husband have been handling the busy job of raising their granddaughter Logan Linne, who currently attends Roscommon Middle School. Their other granddaughter Emma, Logan's cousin, attends Roscommon Elementary. Both girls are proud Bucks.

Julie is a proud member of the Roscommon community and believes her experience as a RAPS parent and grandparent, as a previous RAPS para professional, as well as, a longtime member of this community gives her a unique perspective as a board member. Her goal as a RAPS board member is to contribute to the school’s mission and vision, to listen to parents, teachers and staff, and to support our students in their commitment to learn, achieve and become valued members of their community and world.


Kim Morley (2022)

Kim and her husband, Bill Morley, are owners of Pioneer Hills Marine in Roscommon. Their son, Branden, is a student at Roscommon Area Public Schools.

Kim Morley fell in love with the Roscommon area after spending time at Higgins Lake with friends. After attending many board meetings, she came to believe that the education of our children is critical for the economic development of our community and wanted to be a part of that solution. As a board member, Kim hopes to provide a common commitment among all stakeholders in the community towards the success of our education system. In order to create that commitment and support, she believes we must create trust and transparency.

Kim Morley brings over 30 years of health care leadership combined with experience in local
government, small business ownership, and nonprofit management. She has a strong passion for
the collective impact model that aligns multiple stakeholders in the development of sustainable
strategic plans that include accountability and drive results. Kim is also a Michigan Political Leadership Program Fellow and Ambassador of the Great Lakes Bay Region Alliance Leadership Program. Morley graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in corporate health.

Kim graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in corporate health.


Janae Ostling (2020)