School of Choice

"Our First Choice" Advantage

Make Roscommon Area Public Schools Your First Choice!

The "Our First Choice" Advantage at Roscommon High School
The “Our First Choice” Advantage at Roscommon High School is our commitment to increasing college and career readiness for all students by providing advanced opportunities for free college credits through Early/Middle College opportunities, Career Tech Education courses, and the nationally recognized Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The RHS Course Guide gives details on the courses available.

The K-7 "Our First Choice" Advantage at Roscommon Elementary and Middle Schools
We are a welcoming, inviting learning environment where all students feel comfortable and loved. We place learning at the heart of our teaching as we encourage a growth mindset of achievement and a commitment to hard work as we prepare students with the foundational knowledge to be college-and-career ready with 21st century skills. See our RAPS K-7 Brochure and see what Roscommon has to offer your elementary or middle school child.

How to Enroll Your Child In Our District
Schools of Choice applications are accepted each school year in August. Contact the Administrative Office for current year dates. Complete the School of Choice Application and submit, along with required documents, to our administrative offices.  Once your child is enrolled in Roscommon under our Schools of Choice program, he/she may continue to attend Roscommon schools as long as they are enrolled.

Transportation is the responsibility of the parent however we will make every effort to transport your child from a designated bus stop within the district boundaries.

More Information

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a building tour, please call (989) 275-6600.

The schools of choice provisions in Section 105 and Section 105c of the State School Aid Act are designed to allow local school districts to enroll nonresident students and count them in membership without having to obtain approval from the district of residence. Section 105 permits local school
districts to enroll students who reside in other local school districts within the same I.S.D. Section 105c allows enrollment of students who reside in school districts located in the contiguous intermediate school districts.

Thank you for considering Roscommon Area Public Schools as your "School of Choice".


Applications are accepted in August, call the Administrative Office for current year dates. Also, be sure to visit our Enrollment page for complete registration information and packets to enroll your child today!