Current Scholarships

Current Offerings in the Scholarship Center

In addition to the scholarships below, click here for printable pdf's of the local and non-local scholarships  currently being offered in our Scholarship Center which is located in the RHS Library.

Going Merry

NEW! Your school is GOING MERRY! View and Apply for many more scholarships at Going Merry! Students can sign up for a  FREE Going Merry account today and start applying FREE for national, state and some local scholarships online!

Local Scholarships

Roscommon County Community Foundation
The Roscommon Community Foundation offers scholarships for many student activities from summer sports camps to college scholarship assistance. Visit the website to learn more or to donate. Visit the website for applications and deadlines.

Michigan Department of Treasury Student Financial Service Bureau

The Student Financial Services Bureau (SFSB), located within the Michigan Department of Treasury, encourages students to pursue postsecondary education by providing equality of access to student financial resources and information. Information . There are helpful resources geared toward funding for college and resources/publications from the SFSB’s three divisions: Student Scholarships and Grants (SSG), Student Loan Programs and Michigan Guaranty Agency (SLP and MGA) and Michigan Education Trust (MET)/Michigan Education Savings Programs (MESP).

Counseling Events & Scholarships

Click on the Scholarship Due, then "More Details" for a website links and/or printable PDF's of the scholarship. These are the scholarships currently being offered in our Scholarship Center in the RHS Library.


  • Be sure to find out about the eligibility requirements of the scholarships, and pay attention to the deadlines. The dates indicated on this site are approximate. Be sure to check the applications.

  • Search the website of your potential college for scholarships offered by them.

  • Many (but not all!) scholarships offered through veterans organizations may require you to be a descendant of a veteran. You may be required to provide proof of service such as copies of discharge papers from the veteran. Those papers may  have to be ordered from the Veteran's Administration office. So, be sure to allow plenty of time to gather the required information for these scholarships.

  • Many college alumni associations offer scholarships to relatives of alumni.  Do you know a family member who went to the college of your choice?

  • Many scholarship organizations provide scholarships for successive years such as sophomore, junior, and seniors years of college in addition to the initial scholarship year. Check back with them.

Scholarship Search Engines

Continue your scholarship search using these search engines designed specifically to help you find scholarships.