RHS Activities

Co-curricular Activity Philosophy

The Roscommon High School Co-Curricular Program is an extension of and complimentary to the total educational program. The program can enhance the growth and development of the student as it strives for each student to have a positive experience while developing competitive teams.

Roscommon High School provides many educational opportunities to the student outside the classroom. The opportunity to participate in athletics and and in other programs is a privilege, not a right (Berschback v. Grosse Pointe Public School District, 1986). Those students who unselfishly commit themselves to the program can learn valuable lifetime skills that help them deal successfully with the challenges of their future beyond high school.

Athletic Programs

Fall Teams

  • Cross Country (Boys and Girls) - Varsity

  • Football (Boys) - Varsity, Junior Varsity, *Freshman

  • Soccer (Boys) - Varsity

  • Volleyball (Girls) - Varsity, Junior Varsity, *Freshman

  • Cheerleading (Sideline) - *Varsity Club Sport

Winter Teams

  • Basketball (Boys) - Varsity, Junior Varsity, *Freshman

  • Basketball (Girls) - Varsity, Junior Varsity, *Freshman

  • Wrestling (Boys) - Varsity, Junior Varsity

  • Bowling (Boys and Girls) - *Varsity club sport

  • Competitive Cheer (Girls) - *Varsity club sport

  • Cross Country Skiing (Boys and Girls -  *club sport

Spring Teams

  • Baseball (Boys) - Varsity, *Junior Varsity

  • Golf (Boys) - *Varsity sport club

  • Soccer (Girls)- Varsity

  • Softball (Girls) - Varsity, *Junior Varsity

  • Track (Boys and Girls) - Varsity

  • Trap Shooting - *Varsity club sport

*If numbers allow, we can run these teams. We’ll need 10-­12 athletes for the teams to run (some exceptions will apply). Freshman basketball teams and volleyball teams are sponsored by and paid for by the individual programs; in addition, competitive cheer and golf will run as club sports.

Activities At RHS

*information regarding eligibility to participate can be found in the handbook.

League Affiliations
Roscommon High School is a member of the the following conferences:

  • Highland Conference (football, volleyball, basketball, cross country, track, baseball, softball, wrestling, competitive cheer)

  • Northern Michigan Soccer League (boys’ and girls’ soccer)

  • Mid­Michigan Golf Conference (boys’ golf)

  • USA High School Clay Target League (boys' and girls' trap shooting)

Co-Curricular Activities 

  • National Honors Society

  • Quiz Bowl

  • Musical

  • Student Council

  • Interact

  • Band

  • Marching Band

  • Choir

  • Robotics

  • Youth Advisory Council

  • Cross Country Ski- Club

  • Equestrian- Club