Great Start Readiness Program


Great Start Readiness Program

The Roscommon Area Public Schools Preschool Program was developed under a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education's Great Start Readiness Program.

This program is located with Roscommon Elementary School.

Program Philosophy

RAPS GSRP provides a developmentally appropriate program in a safe and nurturing environment, which promotes social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

Our goals foster a positive self-concept and develop socialization and school readiness skills.

Experiences, geared to the age group as well as individual needs of each child are provided.

Long-lasting partnerships between school, family, and community are initiated.

The teaching team uses the Connect4Learning curriculum to gently guide each child's learning as they make discoveries using an active participatory approach.

Children's developmental progress is assessed through daily observation that aligns to the curriculum.

Because learning is a life-long process for children and adults, and it is necessary to make continued improvements, the program and staff are evaluated on a regular basis using a Program Quality Assessment.

The results are used to guide the teaching team toward a higher quality experience for all children in the program.

Our Curriculum - Connect 4Learning

Music and Movement

Children explore music using scarves, bean bags, singing and dancing. Yoga and mindfulness is introduced to improve focus and attention.

Daily Read-Alouds

Read-Alouds are focused on units of study. Children participate in conversations about each book.

Learning Centers

Children have an hour of uninterrupted Choice Time each day. They can plan to play and recall how they played in the following centers: Art Center, Book Nook, Construction Zone, Dramatic Play Center, Computer Center, Exploration Station, Listening Center and the Writing Center.

Large and Small Groups

All teachers lead small groups of students to develop writing, math, concepts of print, science and social studies skills

Our Staff

Lead Teachers

  • Caitlin Moore

  • Sarah Conklin

Associate Teachers

  • Hunter Lowe

  • Brooke Barton


  • Jordan Cross

  • Amie Halford

  • Sarah Osmond


  • Marci Galloway


  • Desiree Baerlocher

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  • 989-275-6686

  • 989-275-6687



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