Counseling Office

Welcome to the RHS Counseling Office

Your Roscommon High School Counselor is Jane Spencer.  Counseling services are available to all students. To make an appointment, contact the counseling office before school begins, between classes, at lunchtime, or after school. In an emergency, Ms. Spencer may be contacted at any time. The best way to contact the Ms. Spencer outside of school hours is via email: Email Ms. Spencer.  Ms. Spencer offers services in the following areas:

  • Aiding students in resolving personal problems

  • Academic planning: high school, dual enrollment, career tech, early middle college (See "Ways to Earn College Credit" slide deck with live links for great information on academic planning!)

  • Class scheduling

  • Assisting with communication between students, teachers, and parents

  • Developing plans for students eligible for services under Section 504

  • Developing Personal Curricula for eligible students

  • Informing students about careers and career training opportunities

  • Assisting families as they plan for post-secondary financial aid options

  • Assisting students and parents in understanding / using standardized test results

  • Administering language screening tests for English language learners

  • Scholarships: Many scholarships are available, and students are urged to watch for deadlines for applications.

Personal Curricula At RHS

A Personal Curriculum is available to all R.H.S. students.  The  Personal Curriculum  is a process used to modify the Michigan Merit Curriculum.  A Personal Curriculum modifies credit requirements and/or content expectations based on the individual learning needs of a student.

A Personal Curriculum may be requested whereas R.H.S. will grant the request to be placed before PC Team for further study and consideration.  If determination is allowable, the  PC Team, Principal, parent or legal guardian must agree upon the conditions of the PC prior to implementation.

Earning Full High School Credit

Due to the fluctuation of students transferring into and out of Roscommon High School, this is a notice.  RHS adheres to a semester schedule with high school credits being earned a semester at a time. Each course is granted 1/2 credit per semester completed. Leaving RHS before completing the semester usually results in the loss of credit in every course, and may result in the student failing to graduate on schedule with their class.

College Information

College admissions recruiters visit RHS frequently in the fall through winter. Visits are scheduled at different times during the day. Listen to the daily announcements for dates and times. There will be sign up sheets in the office.  Juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend. This gives the opportunity to find out what questions to ask, find out about the college, and some recruiters even offer to waive admissions fees for the students who visit with them. 


Official copies of a student's transcripts must be sent directly from the high school to the college.  Students must submit a written request to the high school to send the transcripts to their college/s of choice.  Requests for transcripts may be completed in several ways:

  1. Download and complete the Transcript Request form and mail, fax, or deliver the form to RHS. Be sure to state your name (maiden), birth date, year of graduation, and colleges you'd like to receive the transcripts.

  2. Electronically through Parchment. This is a secure and easy way to send official transcripts to the colleges you choose.

Use the first  method to request an unofficial transcript for your own records.

Roscommon High School does not charge a fee for transcripts. Requests through are free until Aug. 1st for recent graduates and for all others, there is a small fee for each transcript sent.

Upcoming Counseling Events/Scholarships

Click on the Scholarship Due, then "More Details" for an attached printable PDF of the scholarship. Or view the complete list of scholarships available in our Scholarship Center.

The American School Counselor Association endorses a code of ethics for counselors.  The code of ethics covers a school counselor's responsibilities to students, to parents, to the school, to the profession and to the community. It also covers the topics of respect and diversity; confidentiality; record keeping; and court issues. It recognizes a counselor's limitations and provides guidance for when a student is in imminent danger, or is a danger to himself or others.

Michigan law requires counselors to report to the appropriate parties (1) suspicion of child abuse or neglect and (2) indications that the student may be a danger to himself or others.