Building Use

The Roscommon Area School District provides building use opportunities to the community after school hours. Our school buildings are home to numerous after school activities for youth and evening and weekend activities for the Roscommon community.

Our Facilities

Facilities available for rent : gyms, auditoriums, athletic fields, libraries, and fitness room, classrooms, cafeteria, kitchen, and areas in the parking lots.  Please take time to read the following steps regarding the building use application process.

  1. Please review the Request For Use Form, Facility Use and Procedure Guideline, the Auditorium Rules and Regulations if necessary and review the Pricing Guide which can be found below.

  2. An application for building use must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of your event.

  3. Fill out the Request For Use Form completely and include estimated fees.

  4. Return the completed Request For Use Form to the Administration Office.

  5. The office will check the availability of the selected dates and confirm the application.

  6. The GRPS Operations Department will verify fees.

  7. A hard copy of your approved application is available upon request.

  8. Payment for Building Use is due 30 days upon receipt or at time of event whichever comes first.

For any facility rental, please read our Facility Use and Procedure Guideline before proceeding.

If you are interested in using our auditorium, please download and read the Auditorium Rules and Regulations document before your event.

View the Facility Use Pricing Guide for more information on the various facilities and pricing.

Fill out a Request for Use of RAPS Facilities Form and turn it in at the appropriate building you'd like to use.

*Roscommon Area Public Schools reserves the right to change any or all fees listed without prior notice. Fees may be reduced/waived for activities that directly benefit RAPS students (i.e. PTO Groups/Youth Groups)


Submit Forms To:
RAPS Administration Office
P.O. Box 825
299H W. Sunset Dr.
Roscommon, MI 48653
Phone: 989-275-6600
Fax: 989-275-8227