The Roscommon Advantage

At Roscommon Area Public Schools our students are challenged by our high academic standards. From our Great Start Preschool Program to the Advanced Placement and dual enrollment opportunities at Roscommon high school, we offer a variety of learning opportunities for all students.

RAPS follows the state adopted curriculum standards based on the Common Core State Standards for each grade level and core area.

Supervision and Guidance
The District Improvement Team assists in  supervising, planning and aligning the district with the continually changing curriculum standards from the state and federal governments. The district's Mission and Vision statements are used as a guide in the process. This results in a continuous review and alignment to best practices and professional development, and drives student progress.

Annual Testing
Data from student testing creates a meaningful monitoring of student academic success. Results of this testing guides our review and alignment process.

Graduation Requirements
The Michigan Merit Curriculum defines a common set of required credits for graduation and provides educators with a common understanding of what student's should know and be able to do for credit. It also provides students the learning opportunity, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college or the workplace.

Common Core FAQ's

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) adopted by Michigan are important for your student's future success! The standards are the same wherever you go. Common standards mean that students in Michigan are learning the same thing as students across the country. Students moving into or out of Michigan or from different school districts in Michigan will have a smoother educational transition because learning goals will now be the same across states. Here are answers to questions you might have about the standards and what they might mean for your child.