About RES

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
At Roscommon Elementary School, our mission is to challenge and inspire students through a balance of hard work, positive relationships and communication.  Our students will become lifelong learners which will prepare them to become productive members of our global society.

Our Vision
At Roscommon Elementary, our vision is to serve as the top school of choice by cultivating a partnership between our school and local community.  We will continually strive to reach our vision which guides our mission to develop life-long learners.

Our Guiding Beliefs
We believe a balance of hard work, positive relationships, and open communication will create shared values that prepare our students to be academically and socially ready to become the leaders of tomorrow.

About Us
Roscommon Elementary School’s main focus is on the cultivation of a culture of achievement through the alignment of our school culture with our vision and mission.  We are a welcoming, inviting learning environment where all students feel comfortable and loved.  We place learning at the heart of our teaching as we prepare students with the foundational knowledge to be college-and-career ready with 21st century skills.

Roscommon Elementary School serves students  preschool through third grades. A full time guidance counselor and a speech therapist are available in the building daily, and a school psychologist and social worker are contracted to provide services as needed. Para-professionals provide daily support to students both in the classroom and on the playground. All RES staff members meet the "Highly Qualified" requirements as detailed in No Child Left Behind.