January is School Board Appreciation Month


Michigan Association of School Boards



School boards are locally elected officials serving the your school and in your community. The United States Supreme Court has said education is perhaps the most important function of state and local governments. Our system of local school districts and boards of education epitomizes representative and participatory government—citizens elected from their community making decisions about educational programs based on community needs, values and expectations.

Local school boards also allow for community participation in that decision-making process. School boards not only represent the public, but also translate the needs of students into policies, plans and goals that will be supported by the community.

You are invited to join us at the Boys JV and Varsity basketball games on Friday January 19th, 2018. Between the games, at approximately 7:15 pm, we will be honoring those who serve as our School Board. Thank a School Board member today!

Kim Morley - President
Scott Hess - Vice President
Amy Coulter - Secretary
Todd Jansen- Treasurer
Sonia Lake - Trustee
Dave Vogel - Trustee
Julie Nordquist - Trustee