September 10, 2020

Executive Order regarding facial coverings

Announcement for students participating in athletics whether in PE class or on an athletic team...

As of Sept. 9, 2020 Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-180 which states, 
...athletes training for, practicing for, or competing in an organized sport must wear a facial covering (except when swimming) or consistently maintain 6 feet of social distance (except for occasional and fleeting moments). For example, an athlete participating in a football, soccer, or volleyball game would not be able to consistently maintain 6 feet of distance, and therefore would need to wear a facial covering. Sports organizers must ensure that athletes comply with this section for each organized sporting event.
Coaches and teachers have been notified of this latest development and will discuss them with their students and athletes tomorrow.  This is the guideline that we are to follow at this time.  Again, this applies to all sports where athletes cannot maintain 6' of social distancing at all times.  More info will be made available as we get more updates