March 6, 2018

Info re: Athletic Conference Move

Roscommon Area Public Schools have been invited to join the Highland Conference stating in the 2019-2020 school year. The schools in this conference include Lake City, Manton, McBain, McBain NMC, Pine Rive, Evart, and Beal City. We already compete with many of these schools and 

​if we join this conference, they ​would become our league schedule starting in the Fall of 2019.  We could still ​choose to schedule Jack P​ine teams as part of our non-league schedule, and we ​will always strive to include Houghton Lake and Grayling in our schedules.

​During tournament play, the ​MHSAA frequently aligns us with teams from this conference and has scheduled our District Level Tournament play with these teams over the past few years based on geographic location and similar enrollments.  For the same reasons, we believe that it is a good fit and something for Roscommon Area Public Schools to seriously consider.

We are seeking input before making a final decision   I would like you to please contact me with any questions or comments that you may have regarding the proposed move.

 My email is or my office phone is 989-275-6683. 


Thank you and Go Bucks!

​Mitch Koehn​